The small beautiful and unspoilt village of Almyrida is located 22 km east of Chania, in a picturesque bay. Despite being a perfect holiday resort for families and popular among the Northern Europeans, tourist development and exploitation has not gone beyond its means mainly due to its physical location and its secluded nature.

Its beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters spanning between both ends of the village, are ideal for swimming and sporting activities.

Even during the period of Meltemi (strong northerly winds that blow over the Eagean Sea mainly in the period of late July and whole of August), a part of Almyrida is sheltered from the winds, providing a beautiful sandy beach with calm crystal clear waters. The more adventurous, wishing to play or fight with the waves, have only to walk a couple of hundred of meters up the beach from that point.

Many beautiful tavernas and caf├ęs line the Almyrida village sea-front, offering delicious local food as well as the fish catch of the day in a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere. A meal in one of the tavernas of Almyrida (and almost anywhere on Crete) is always ending in one or two glasses of the highly digestive local alcoholic beverage of tsikoudia, treated by the taverna owner after you’ve asked for the bill.

In the following pictures you can witness by yourself the beauty of Almyrida and maybe tempt you to pay a (non-virtual) visit.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Views of Almyrida

View from Mavri Plaka

 Souda Bay view from Mavri Plaka

Boats by the pier

The calm waters part of Almyrida

Sunset on Souda Bay - panoramic view from Mavri Plaka

Distance and direction sign of nearby locations

Part of Almyrida beach and Mavri Plaka

Almyrida panoramic view from Mavri Plaka on a windy day

Swimming by the pier

Almyrida inland